Litre Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeter Range and Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Litre Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeter Range and Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Litre Meter pioneered the development of the Pelton wheel flowmeter: an accurate, effective, and versatile design suitable for many different fluids including acids, chemicals, fuels, water, and hot fats, at both high and low flow rates.

Since 1986 Litre Meter has developed the VFF meter (literally, Viscous or Versatile Fluids Flowmeter) for low-flow and high-pressure applications for the offshore industry, particularly for chemical injection. In 2011 we supplied the largest-ever chemical injection flowmeter order for the Gulf of Mexico. Over 5,000 VFFs are now in operation on chemical injection.

Our portfolio for the UK now includes flowmeters of all kinds, including rotary meters, gas flowmeters, helical screw flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters to handle a wide range of viscosities, flow rates, and pressures, aggressive liquids, and hazardous or adverse environments. We have particular expertise in measuring low flow rates and flows at high pressure. Contact the flowmeter specialists.

Litre Meter holds ISO9001:2015 approval. We are members of the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge University, FPAL, Achilles, Institute of Measurement and Control, and Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce. Litre Meter is a member of the TASI Flow Division and won the Queen’s Award in 2016 for Enterprise in International Trade.

A magnetic flow meter (mag meter, electromagnetic flow meter) is a transducer that measures fluid flow by the voltage induced across the liquid by its flow through a magnetic field. It does not have any moving parts to wear down, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement. A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference proportional to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines. The physical principle at work is electromagnetic induction.

The magnetic flow meter delivers accurate, pressure-drop-free, volumetric flow measurements of liquids, slurries, pastes, and other electrically conductive media. A range of liner materials, electrode options, line sizes, battery-powered type and flange pipelines, accommodate a wide variety of process applications. Holykell is committed to cost-effective and optimized solutions, offering a range of integrated type, split type, full bore, and insertion-style mag meters suitable for agriculture, municipal, industrial, and even oil and gas applications. OEM and ODM order is accepted.


  • Sewage treatment
  • Printing and dyeing
  • Chemical industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Metallurgy
  • Medicine
  • Papermaking
  • Tap water supply

Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used for the measurement of conductive liquids. It has a wide range of applications, and large-diameter meters are mostly used in water supply and drainage projects. Small and medium pipe diameters are often used in high-demand or difficult-to-measure occasions, such as the control of cooling water at a blast furnace tuyere in the iron and steel industry, the measurement of pulp and black liquor in the paper industry, the strong corrosive liquid in the chemical industry, and the ore pulp in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. Small diameter and micro diameter are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biochemistry, and other places with hygienic requirements. Holykell offers a range of integrated-type, split-type, full bore, and insertion-style mag meters suitable for different applications. Volumetric Flow Meter is often used in the total measurement of expensive media (oil, natural gas, etc.) and can be used for the measurement of high-viscosity liquids.

Litre Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeter Range

One of the latest ranges of Litre Meter products introduced to the UK market. A well-known technology, at an excellent price point with a wide range of sizes and flow rate ranges.

The LMag range is ideally suited to services such as wastewater, water, and irrigation.

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