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Why Wiratama?

Choosing Wiratama to be a provider of industrial equipment needed is the right choice. With our products customers can save their expenses and get the best consultation for the products they need. We provide the best solutions to customers according to their needs and are related to the following products: automotive, agricultural, power plant, petrochemical, water treatment plant, mining, health and care, food and beverages

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We Believe In Hard Work & Dedication

Our Vision

To be the best company in providing solutions for industrial equipment according to customer needs throughout Indonesia.

Our Mission

Our focus is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We provide consultations and attractive offers for customers that can give them time to choose the desired product. Helping customers to meet their needs and install products perfectly.


Solutive in helping customers get the right product. High integrity and prioritize customer satisfaction. Trusted in providing the best products for customers. Innovative in creating new things for the



We help customers determine product specifications, provide products to meet customer needs

Repair & Setting

We provide repair and arrangement services with experienced technicians for after sales products as well as products beyond responsibility


We provide calibration services for some of the products we offer, such as flow measurement and level measurement

Installation & Commisioning

We provide installation and commissioning services to make it easier for customers to operate the product

Product Customization

We provide product customization services according to the products needed by customers

Technical Supplier

We supply technical products with the best and best quality in order to provide satisfaction to customers

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