Tokyo Ryuki Kogyo FLO-PL9 Rotameter

It is a product for laboratory and minute flow rate measurement.  All three sides are protected by an acrylic cover.


It is a product for laboratory and minute flow rate measurement.  All three sides are protected by an acrylic cover.

Model Number

  • FLO-PL9 type
  • existing (old) model FLO-PL-4S
  • existing (old) model FLO-PL-18S
  • existing (old) model FLO-L-65S
  • FLO-PL9 type (double type)

General Specifications

Measuring fluidLiquid (water, cooling water, transparent liquid)
Gas (air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.)
Scale range10: 1
Minimum flow rateLiquid 0.1 ~ 1mL / min
Gas 1 ~ 10NmL / min
Maximum flow rateLiquid 0.1 ~ 1L / min
Gas 1NL ~ 10NL / min
Body materialBrass (BS), SUS304, SS, etc.
Tapered tube materialHard glass
Float materialRuby and others
rubber sealNBR, CR (neoprene), byton
Connection methodRc1 / 4
Connection diameterPlease refer to the measurement range table
Flow accuracyWithin ± 2% FS
Mounting directionVertical direction
Flow directionPlease specify by model code
Maximum working pressure0.7MPa
Maximum operating temperature80 ℃ (depending on the material)
Thermal shock 50 ℃ or less
External dimensionsPlease refer to the measurement range table


Ryuki Kogyo

Tokyo Ryuki Kogyo

Tokyo Ryuki Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial flow meters and fluid-related equipment. For many years, we manufacture and sell products such as differential pressure type flow meter, area type flow meter, flow switch, metal tube type flow meter, galvanometer, level meter, and measuring pot.


Flow directionfluidClassificationWet contact materialvalvePacking materialFlow rate range / operating temperature / pressure
FLO-PL9--□-□-0 □-T-V-P
[Directly below → Directly above)]
A [AIR]0BSN [None]1 [NBR]
[Bottom back → Top back]
W [Wed]1SUS304U [top]2 [CR (neoprene)]
2SSD [bottom]3 [FKM Byton]
3Classification NO3 or more can be installed


  • Liquid
    • Water
    • Cooling water
    • Transparent liquid
  • Gas
    • Air
    • Nitrogen
    • Argon
    • Carbon dioxide
    • etc.


Classification NoFlow rate displayFlow rate displayConnection diameterExternal dimensions mm
H2O (mL / min)AIR (NmL / min)Rc
00.1-11-101 / 4B230 230
10.2-22-201 / 4B230 230
20.5-55-501 / 4B230 230
31-1010-1001 / 4B230 230
Four2-2020-2001 / 4B230 230
Five3-3030-3001 / 4B230 230
65-5050-5001 / 4B230 230
710-100100-10001 / 4B230 230
  • We will manufacture after confirming the fluid name, density, viscosity, pressure, temperature, flow rate range, connection standard, body material, packing material, etc.
  • For liquid measurement (float: SUS304, etc.)
    * Density = 1.0 g / cm3 and viscosity = 1 cP are standard.
  • For gas measurement (float: aluminum, etc.)
    * The flow rate is displayed by flowing AIR 20 ° C and converting it to the standard state of 0 ° C atm (0.101MPa (A)). (Unit: NL / min)
    * Manufactured in standard condition (atmospheric pressure 20 ° C) upon request. (Unit: SL / min)

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