Flowma VFM 60 Vortex Flowmeter

VFM 60 type vortex flowmeter is also called the principle of vortex flowmeter is the use of fluid vibration and the development of a new type of flowmeter, widely used in petroleum, chemical.


.. industry, metallurgy, paper and other fluid metering, the flowmeter have no moving parts, reliability, high precision, long life, can be in a very wide range of flow accurately measuring the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow medium, it is not affected by medium, the influence of temperature, pressure, viscosity and component without plugging, Buka, not easy to scale, high temperature resistant, high voltage, safety explosion-proof, suitable for bad environment. Flow scoring integrated display and remote display, and output pulse signal, current signal or 485, Hart protocol and computer networking.


  • No mechanical moving parts, not easy to corrosion, stable and reliable, long life, long-term operation without special maintenance.
  • Wide range of applications, steam, gas, liquid flow can be measured
  • 16 bit computer chip, high integration, small size, good performance, strong function.
  • According to the requirements of different users, there are high, medium, low variety of converter (electronic meter head) configuration.
  • A variety of structures, there are split, one flange, clamping type. Integral flange type can set flow probe, microprocessor, pressure, temperature sensor in one. Built-in combination makes the structure more compact and allows direct measurement of fluid flow, pressure and temperature. For gas metering, automatic real-time tracking compensation and compression factor correction
  • Can choose to have the domestic advanced intelligent anti-seismic technology converter (electronic meter head), effectively suppressed the vibration and pressure fluctuations caused by the interference.
  • Can choose dot matrix display screen, with Chinese and English menus, the number of display. Reading intuitive and convenient, can directly display a variety of parameters.
  • Converter (electronic meter head) can output frequency, pulse, equivalent, four-wire 4-20ma, three-wire 4-20ma and two-wire 4-20ma, analog signal, RS485 interface, Hart protocol output
  • EEPROM technology is used to set parameters conveniently and can be stored permanently
  • Low power consumption, lithium battery power supply, or external power supply of 12V, 24V can be.


  • Liquid
  • High Temperature Liquid
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Saturated Steam
  • Superheated Steam


Accuracy±1% or ±1.5%
Velocity for Gas and Steam2.5 m/s to 85 m/s
Velocity for Liquid0.2 m/s to 7.3 m/s
Size1/2 inch to 12 inch
Pressure RatingPN 1.6 to PN 6.3 MPa, Class 150/300, JIS 10k/20k MPa, Class 150/300, JIS 10k/20k
Standard FlangeANSI, DIN, JIS
Body Materialsus 304 atau 316 L Stainless Steel
Probe Material316 Stainless Steel
Power Suply24VDC / 110VAC / 220VAC
Output Signal4-20 mA, Pulse
Alarm Signalhigh & low alarm ouput
CommunicationHart / RS485 (modbuse)
Unitm³, Nm³, liter, gallon, ton(t), kg
Fluidliquid, gas and Steam

Flow Range

SizeQmin (m³/h)Qmax (m³/h)SizeQmin (m³/h)Qmax (m³/h)

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