Technoton GNOM DP Axle Load Sensor

GNOM DP position sensor is designed for measuring axle and cargo load on vehicles with leaf spring suspension.


GNOM DP position sensor is designed for measuring axle and cargo load on vehicles with leaf spring suspension. GNOM DP integrates in a fleet monitoring system and transmits data as an analog signal. The tracking device converts this signal in load mass value according to the calibration table.

GNOM DP position sensor is installed on the rear axle or the rear bogie of the vehicle. A single sensor is enough to monitor vehicle axle and cargo load.




Technoton was established in April 2000, at the early stage of emerging market of automotive telematics and GPS tracking systems. We started with development and manufacture of GPS tracking devices, fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters. Soon we focused on solving tasks of fuel consumption measurement and fuel usage monitoring, safe CANbus data reading and analysis.

Technoton’s technical team includes highly-qualified engineers and developers, who have wide expertise in micro controller units, mechanical engineering, computer science, programming and diagnosis.


  • high level of environment protection;
  • compliance with European and Russian automobile standards;
  • the linear characteristic of the output signal simplifies data processing by a fleet monitoring system;
  • the output signal is stabilized and doesn’t depend on onboard voltage;
  • short circuit and cords confusion protection.


• Axle load
• In-motion cargo weight measurement
• Heavy and Lightweight trucks with or without trailer
• Road assistance trucks
• Garbage trucks
• Concrete mixers and etc.


Output voltage range, V 1.54…3.46
Absolute error of output voltage generating, mV, not more than ±80
Supply voltage range, V 8…32
Ingress Protection Rating IP55
Operation temperature range, ºС -40…+80
Weight, g, not more than 800

Additional Informations

Mounting kit GNOM MK DP

Montazhnii komplect GNOM MK DP

Mounting kit GNOM MK DP is used for GNOM DP mounting on two-axial and three– axial vehicles with leaf spring suspension.
GNOM MK DP contains only high-quality components designed for mounting on vehicles.