Nitto Kasei EPOXY RESIN for Many Field


Advantaged with great adherence property, adhesion strength, durability and solvent resistance, our epoxy adhesives are applicable to multi-purposes.

PLASEAL E-130 (Clayey Epoxy)

Perfectly suitable to any waterproof applications such as hand hole fixation for electrical circuits, sealing of each pipe penetration and fixation of water joint parts.

PLASEAL E-269 (Paste Type Epoxy for Surfacing Process)

Low-contractile and ensuring great painting performance, so best suited to surfacing process before painting and the maintenance or repair work.

PLASEAL E-330 (On-the-ground Preparation Type Injective Anchoring Adhesive)

  • Simple preparation process: Just adding hardener to the base container and mixing them.
  • Easy-to-use workability: ensuring application without getting hands dirty and ease of injection to small-diameter hole
  • Very powerful adhesion: effective specially to base materials such as concrete, stone and metal.

PLASEAL E-384 (Transparent Epoxy)

Low-exothermic via hardening and hardly-tarnishable with time, so perfectly suited for modeling and adhesion of any parts requiring sustainable art of design.

How to Use :

  • Take out the same amount of base and hardening agent you need with some gloves.
  • Take appropriate amount of base and hardening agent, and twist them to mix smoothly.
  • Mix them so will until the appearance will uniformly turn to gray color.
  • Apply to the places you would like to fix or repair, and don’t touch and move it until it finishes hardening.

*Please do not work under the condition below 5°C. Wear some gloves and a mask when you apply.


Nitto Kasei

Nitto Kasei

Nitto Kasei Company Ltd. manufactures and distributes synthetic resins, plastics materials, and nonvulcanizable elastomers. The Company markets its products to plastics and chemical manufacturers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Usable and hardening even under water.
  • Hardly dripping off and even plausible to wall surface and wrapping portion because of putty type.
  • Great tensile shear adhesiveness and compressive strength.
  • Easy workability since of 1 to 1 rated mixing.
  • No solvent included, so hardly shrinking after hardened.


  • Repairing for any constructions, pathways and floors/walls made of concrete, stone, etc.
  • Mending for water leakage portions, and waterproof application.
  • Fixing hand hole and pipe, or adhering conjunction areas between pipes.
  • Production and repairing of model/artifact.
  • Others; mending for cracks and deficit portions in any areas.


ITEM Characteristics Test method
Appearance Base/black putty
Hardening/white putty
Mixing Ratio 1:1 Weight ratio
Specific Gravity Base/1.95
Convert weight in water
Applicable Time 60min
Originally measured
Water Absorption < 0.3% Originally measured
Compressive Strength(MPa) 53(20°C-24hr)
JIS K 6911
Hardness(HDD) 84(20°C-24hr)
JIS K 7215
Size(mm) 50×25×100
Weight 500g / set
Packing 10sets / case
30sets / case

*The above inspection data is measured originally, so it does not guarantee as a standardized data.

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