Firetrol FTA1000 Across The Line Starting

Firetrol® FTA1000 Full Voltage Fire Pump Controllers are intended for use with electric motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the power source permits full voltage starting.


Firetrol® FTA1000 Full Voltage Fire Pump Controllers are intended for use with electric motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the power source permits full voltage starting. Full voltage is applied to the motor as soon as the controller is actuated. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information.Full voltage starting is simple and low cost and is preferred whenever the utility or emergency generator set will permit this type of starting.

Across The Line Starting :
  • Disconnect Switch / Circuit Breaker
  • Motor Starter
  • 7″ Capacitive Color Touchscreen
  • Weekly Test Timer
  • Data Logging
  • True RMS Metering




Firetrol, was founded in the early 1970’s and incorporated in Erie, Pennsylvania by an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in a unique marketplace; the fire pump control industry. The business grew steadily between 1971 and 1980 as the company developed the first fire pump controller with molded case circuit breakers which drastically reduced their size, the first manual wound rotor controller for the New York City high-rise marketplace, the first medium voltage controller, and the first UL Listed controller with an automatic power transfer switch.


The following are included as standard with each controller:

  • Voltage surge protector
  • Main Disconnect Switch sized for connected motor horsepower and voltage
  • Fire pump Circuit Breaker
  • Single Handle Isolating Disconnect Switch/Circuit Breaker mechanism
  • Motor contactor
  • Single Handle Emergency Manual Run Mechanism to mechanically close motor contactor contacts in an emergency condition
  • Built-in Start and Stop push-buttons to bypass automatic start circuits
  • Daylight Savings Time Option
  • Elapsed Time Meter
  • 7.0” LCD capacitive type color touch screen (HMI technology) software upgradeable operator interface powered by an embedded microcomputer with software PLC logic.
  • 500 PSI Pressure Transducer (calibrated for 300 PSI (20.7 Bar))and Test Solenoid for fresh water applications, externally mounted with protective cover
  • Audible alarm buzzer embedded in the MarkIII+
  • Pump Room Ambient Temperature Switch, Display and Alarms
  • Pressure and Event Recording with Date Stamp to System Memory Accessible VIA The User Interface and Downloadable to a USB Flash Drive
  • Modbus Communications with TCP/IP frame format and a shielded female RJ45 connector
  • NEMA Type 2 (IEC IP22) enclosure
  • Field Adjustable Timers with Visual Countdown for Minimum Run (Off Delay), Sequential Start (On Delay) and Weekly Test
  • Seismic Certification per IBC 2015, CBC 2016
    (Consult Factory for Verification).


The Firetrol FTA1000 Full voltage is applied to the motor as soon as the controller is actuated. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information.


Main Fire Pump Controller

The main fire pump controller shall be a factory assembled, wired and tested unit. The controller shall be of the combined manual and automatic type designed for full voltage starting of the fire pump motor having the horsepower, voltage, phase and frequency rating shown on the plans and drawings. The controller shall be rated for an Ambient Temperature Operating Range of 39ºF (4ºC) to 104ºF (40ºC).


The controller components shall be housed in a NEMA Type 2 (IEC IP22) drip-proof, wall mounted enclosure with bottom entry gland plate and lifting lugs.

Withstand Ratings (Short Circuit Current Ratings)

All controller components shall be front mounted, wired and front accessible for main- tenance. The available short circuit current ratings are shown below.

Code 200-208V

5-150 HP


5-200 HP


5-350 HP


5-400 HP


5-500 HP

M – Standard 100kA 100kA 100kA 100kA N/A
N – Intermediate 150kA 150kA 150kA 150kA N/A
P – High 200kA 200kA 200kA 200kA N/A
Q – Intermediate N/A N/A N/A N/A 100kA
R – Standard N/A N/A N/A N/A 50kA
Code 200-208V

200 HP


250-400 HP


400-500 HP


450-500 HP

M – Standard 50A 50kA 50kA 50kA
N – Intermediate N/A N/A N/A N/A
P – High 100kA 100kA 100kA 100kA
Q – Intermediate N/A N/A N/A N/A
R – Standard N/A N/A N/A N/A

Power Components

The controller shall include a combination isolating disconnect switch/circuit breaker, rated for not less than 115% of the motor full load current, mechanically interlocked and operated with a single, externally mounted handle. The isolating disconnect switch/ circuit breaker shall be mechanically interlocked so that the enclosure door cannot be opened with the handle in the ON position except by a hidden tool operated bypass mechanism. The isolating disconnect switch/circuit breaker shall be capable of being padlocked in the OFF position for installation and maintenance safety, and shall also be capable of being locked in the ON position without affecting the tripping characteristics of the circuit breaker.

The controller will include a voltage surge arrestor and Across the Line motor starter. The controller shall be equipped with a single handle, manually operated, emergency start mechanism capable of being latched in the ON position.

Operator Interface (HMI)

The operator interface shall be a 7.0” capacitive type LCD color touch screen (HMI technology) powered by an embedded microcomputer with software PLC logic. In- cluded shall be keypad type push-buttons for START, STOP and TEST. The screen shall include menus for:

  • Home
  • Alarms
  • Configuration
  • History
  • Service
  • Manuals

The HMI shall graphically display the following:

  • Voltage and Amperage of all 3 phas- es simultaneously using true RMS Technology
  • Motor Stopped/Running
  • Starting Cause
  • Actuation Mode
  • Controller Type
  • Shutdown Mode
  • Date & Time
  • Pump Room Temp
  • System Pressure

System pressure shall be capable of being displayed as: PSI, kPa, Bar, Feet of Head or Meters of Water.

The HMI shall allow programming and display of:

  • Cut In & Cut Out Pressure Settings
  • Minimum Run Timer
  • Sequential Start Timer
  • Periodic Test Timer

The HMI allows the user to select the language of the system and download the manual or view the manual on screen.

State and Alarm Indication

Visual indication shall be provided for the following:

  • Power Available
  • Motor Run
  • Periodic Test
  • Manual Start
  • Deluge Valve Start
  • Remote Automatic Start
  • Remote Manual Start
  • Emergency Start
  • Pump On Demand/Automatic Start
  • Pump Room Temperature
  • Lockout

The digital display shall visually indicate the following alarms:

  • Locked Rotor Current
  • Fail To Start
  • Under/Over Current
  • Under/Over Voltage
  • Phase Unbalance
  • Check Test Solenoid Valve
  • Weekly Test Cut-In Not Reached
  • Transducer Fault
  • Control Voltage Not Healthy
  • Motor Trouble
  • Pump Room Alarm
  • Invalid Cut-In
  • Phase Reversal
  • Power Loss
  • Phase Loss L1 / L2 / L3
  • Low Water Level
  • Pump On Demand
  • Low Ambient Temp
  • Service Required

Audible and visible alarm shall be provided for: Fail To Start    Remote Alarm contacts shall be provided for:

  • Power Available
  • Phase Reversal
  • Motor Run
  • Common Pump Room Alarm (Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Phase Unbalance, Low/High Pump Room Temperature)
  • Common Motor Trouble (Overcurrent, Fail To Start, Undercurrent, Ground Fault)
  • Pressure and Event Recording

The system shall be capable of logging pressure data and operational events with time/date stamp. The system shall display operational events for the lifetime of the controller and display the pressure data in text or graphical form. The controller shall log the Date/Time of the first start-up and the controller total power on time from that date. The controller shall log first and last statistics for: First Setup · On Time · Start Count · Last Start Time · Min/Max/Average System Pressure · Min/Max/Average Pump Room Temp. · Jockey Pump On Time/Start Count/Last Start Time · Phase to Phase Voltages with Date Stamp · Amps Per Phase with Date Stamp

USB Host Controller

A USB port capable of accepting a USB Flash Memory Disk shall be provided for downloading pressure and event logs.

Serial Communications

The controller shall feature Modbus with TCP/IP frame format and shielded female RJ45 connector

Pressure Sensing / Wet Parts

The controller shall be supplied with a solid state pressure transducer with a range of 0-500 psi calibrated for 0-300 psi (0-20.7 bar) and a run test solenoid valve. The wet parts shall be externally mounted and include a protective cover. The pressure sens- ing line connection to the transducer shall be 1/2-inch FNPT. Provisions for a redun- dant pressure transducer shall be provided.

Seismic Certification

The controller shall be certified to meet or exceed the requirements of the 2018 Inter- national Building Code, the 2019 California Building Code and OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval – OSP. The controller test criteria shall be per ICC-ES AC156 and the Seismic Parameters per ASCE 7-10 Chapter 13.

Controller Operation

The controller shall be capable of automatic starting via pressure drop, remote start signal from an automatic device or a deluge valve. The controller can be manually started via the START push-button, the RUN TEST push-button, or a remote signal from a manual device. Stopping can be achieved manually with the STOP push-button or automatically after expiration of minimum run timer or test timer. The minimum run timer (off delay), sequential start timer (on delay) and periodic test timer shall be field adjustable and include a visual countdown on the display.

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Publication SP1000-60 Rev. B

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