EGE Metal Detectors

The metal detector System 3000 is designed to detect medium size and larger pieces of metal.


The metal detector System 3000 is designed to detect medium size and larger pieces of metal. The system has a very effective means of adjusting sensitivity. When used with the MU 3300 amplifier, it will respond at the highest level of sensitivity to medium size parts like nails, washers, or pieces of flatware. When used with the MDV amplifier, it will respond only to larger pieces of metal like teeth from an excavator bucket, tools, or metal paneling. If not discovered, these items could destroy stone-crushing machines, vibratory equipment, or wood-chipping machines. When used in this manner, the metal detector is suitable for protecting machinery, whereby smaller parts will not interrupt operation of the equipment. It detects metal during bulk material transport by means of contactless measurement.

The System 3000 consists of an amplifier and an inductive detector coil. The amplifier is equipped with an automatic adjustment regulator that ensures reliable operation even when disturbing metal parts are in close proximity to the detector coil. In addition, the adjustment regulator also ensures that only metal parts that are in motion will be detected.




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