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GPY Hydraulic Seal Packings

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Sakagami has concentrated superior technique, resulting in manufacturing various products. With originality in each, Sakagami’s products have been highly evaluated in quality in all fields as well as automobile and Sakagami Hydraulic Seal.

Sakagami Hydraulic Seal Packings Product :

1. GPY Packings (Piston Packings) & GNY Packings (Rod Packings)

GPY & GNY Hydraulic Seal Packings
GPY & GNY Hydraulic Seal Packings

For those applications, the SKY-packings are used and the improvement of durability becomes an essential issue. The GPY-packings for pistons and the GNY-packings for rods are recommended. With the RN919 wear resistant material and larger cross-sectional area than the SKY- packings of the same dimensions, the GPY Sakagami Hydraulic Seal piston packings prove to be free from damage by a back pressure and the GNY rod packings obtain higher sealing capability and optimum sealing performance against eccentric movements.

Download : GPY Packing & GNY Packing

2. RGY-Packings (Piston & Rod Packings) & RNY-Packings (Rod Packings)

Sakagami RGY & RNY Packings
Sakagami RGY & RNY Packings

The grooves of RGY piston packings and RNY rod packings are compatible with those for the SKY-packings. RGY-packings are designed to withstand back pressure and provide longer service time by adopting an improved wear-resistant material. RNY rod packings are designed exclusively for sealing rods. RNY rod packings made of a highly elastic compound achieve good sealing performance against eccentric movements.

Download : RGY Packing & RNY Packing

3. (T)SGY-Packings (Piston Packings) & (T)SNY-Packings (Rod packings)

(T)SGY-Packing & (T)SNY-Packing
(T)SGY-Packing & (T)SNY-Packing

The groove dimensions of SGY & SNY packings are compatible with those of the SKY-packings. Service temperature range of -45℃ to +100℃ allows cylinders for use in multiple temperature conditons -in both regular and severe cold euvironments- without changing packings. SGY & SNY-packings also feature exceptionally low stick slip. Due to the nature of the application, the material is required to have a moderately low material hardness. Conduct verification tests in the case of SGY & SNY-packings are used in high pressure and/or high frequency conditions.

Download : T-SGY-Packing & T-SNY-Packing

4. SKY-Packings (Piston & Rod Packings)


SKY-packings are specified as the basic hydraulic packing in Japan since 1966. SKY-packings are multiply applicable to both pistons and rods. Flexible and easy installing properties fit to one piece groove and eliminate parts of divided grooves. Compacter cylinder design with lower cost is achievable by SKY packings.

Download : SKY-Packing

5. KY-Packings (Piston & Rod Packings)

Sakagami KY-Packing
Sakagami KY-Packing

KY-packings replace V-packings with superior sealing performance, compacter groove dimensions and easy installation. The largest cross-sectional area of KY- packings assures stable sealing performance for vast applications. Abundant dimensional assortment is another plus.

Download : KY-Packing

6. RGU-Packing (Piston Packings)


As double acting packings, the RGU-packings have a unique seal lip shape and provide identical sealing performance to U-packings on compacter sized pistons. Frequently be in service as a combination system with the PWL-bearings which offer multi-functions-bearing & back-up ring.

Download : RGU-Packing

7. HSD-Packings (Piston Packings)

Sakagami HSD-Packing
Sakagami HSD-Packing

HSD-packings are double acting packings and enable to minimize the size of pistons. Stable sealing performance without damage from twisting or rolling, unlike O-rings, is obtainable.

Download: HSD-Packing

8. PENTA-Seals PS (Rod Packings)

Sakagami Penta-Packing
Sakagami Penta-Packing

The grooves of PENTA -Seals are compatible with those of O-rings specified by JIS B2401 P line. In addition to the superior sealing performance, PENTA -Seals prevent damage from twisting or rolling.

Download: PENTA-Packing

9. NMY-Packings (Rod packings)

Sakagami NMY-Packing
Sakagami NMY-Packing

NMY-packings are small in cross-sectional area and compatible with the grooves of O-rings specified by JIS B2401 P line. NMY packings are far superior in sealing performance and friction characteristics over O-rings.

Download: NMY-Packing

10. STK-Seals (STR Type Rotation Seals), ST-Seals (Piston Seals), and SMJ-Seals (Rod Seals)

Sakagami STK-Seal
Sakagami ST-Seals
Sakagami ST-Seals
Sakagami SMJ-Seal
Sakagami SMJ-Seal





S-FLON (PTFE) seals and back-up rings are combined to achieve low friction characteristic and of elimination stick slip even at low pressure/speed conditions. Moderate sealing performance comparing with U-packings due to the PTFE plastic seals which have higher rigidity and lower elasticity than rubber materials. Good practice is needed to prevent scars on the delicate surface of S-FLON seals.

  • ST type is applicable to common & general applications with diversified dimensions.
  • STS type is designed for low friction/pressure cylinders, with small cross sectional area.
  • STG type is well accepted by construction machines and heavy machineries sectors.
  • SMJ type is available as rod seals with optimum sealing performance and durability.
  • STR type is designed for rotary joints.

Download: STK-Seal | ST-Seal | SMJ-Seal

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