MP-41 Multipin Amphenol Connectors

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Amphenol’s MP-41 series of multipin connectors utilize the same design principles of the rugged Mil-C-5015 military connectors. They can withstand high shock and vibration environments and are ideal for tough on-road applications.

Featuring a quick mating bayonet coupling with an audible full mating feature ensures a positive connection every time. Available from 13 to 150 pins with contacts supplied with each connector as standard.


  • 13 to 85 pins with Crimp/Solder
  • Industry-standard compatible bucket contacts
  • 2000 mating cycles
  • 150 pins with Crimp contacts only
  • Black finish
  • 4 to 48 channels
  • Positive bayonet locking
  • Gold plated contacts
  • PG cable glands
  • Synthetic insert
  • IP67 rated
  • Protective dust caps
  • Metal housings


  • Audio Cables and Snakes
  • Lighting control
  • Concert Touring Systems
  • Outside Broadcast Systems


GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Number of contacts 13 19 25 37 54 85 150
Number of channels 4 6 8 12 16 28 48
Termination Solder / Crimp “Combo” Crimp
Wire Gauge – Stranded Wire 16AWG – 20AWG 18AWG
Environmental Complies with EU RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating Voltage at Sea level – DC 250V* 250V*
Operating Voltage at Sea level – AC 200V* 200V*
Test Voltage AC RMS 1000V 1000V
Current Carrying Capacity 13A 7.5A
Typical Contact Resistance 3.46mΩ 11.25mΩ
Insulation Resistance 5000MΩ
CLIMATIC CHARACTERISTICS Protection Class IP67 (when mated)
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
Mechanical Operations 2000 mating cycles
MATERIALS Connector / Shell Finish Insert Aluminium Alloy / Black
Male pin contact / Plating Brass / Gold plated
Female socket contact / Plating Brass / Gold plated
CLAMPING CHARACTERISTICS PG Gland 11 13.05 16 21 29 36
Cable Clamping range mm 04-Okt  5-12 Sep-14  13-18 14-25 19-32
(inches) (0.15”- 0.39”) (0.19”- 0.47”) (0.35”- 0.55”) (0.51”- 0.70”) (0.55”- 0.98”) (0.74”- 1.25”)

Model and Part Number

With Dustcap
Straight cable plug with socket contacts, Black finish, supplied complete with contacts. 13 pins MP-4106-13S MP-4106-13S-C
19 pins MP-4106-19S MP-4106-19S-C
25 pins MP-4106-25S MP-4106-25S-C
37 pins MP-4106-37S MP-4106-37S-C
54 pins MP-4106-54S MP-4106-54S-C
85 pins MP-4106-85S MP-4106-85S-C
150 pins MP-4106-150S MP-4106-150S-C
Cable connecting receptacle with pin contacts, black finish, supplied complete with contacts. 13 pins MP-4101-13P MP-4101-13P-C
19 pins MP-4101-19P MP-4101-19P-C
25 pins MP-4101-25P MP-4101-25P-C
37 pins MP-4101-37P MP-4101-37P-C
54 pins MP-4101-54P MP-4101-54P-C
85 pins MP-4101-85P MP-4101-85P-C
150 pins MP-4101-150P MP-4101-150P-C
Panel plug with socket contacts,
black finish supplied complete
with contacts.
13 pins MP-4164-13S MP-4164-13S-C
19 pins MP-4164-19S MP-4164-19S-C
25 pins MP-4164-25S MP-4164-25S-C
37 pins MP-4164-37S MP-4164-37S-C
54 pins MP-4164-54S MP-4164-54S-C
85 pins MP-4164-85S MP-4164-85S-C
150 pins MP-4164-150S MP-4164-150S-C
Panel receptacle with pin contacts, black finish, supplied complete with contacts. 13 pins MP-4102-13P MP-4102-13P-C
19 pins MP-4102-19P MP-4102-19P-C
25 pins MP-4102-25P MP-4102-25P-C
37 pins MP-4102-37P MP-4102-37P-C
54 pins MP-4102-54P MP-4102-54P-C
85 pins MP-4102-85P MP-4102-85P-C
150 pins MP-4102-150P MP-4102-150P-C
Plug protective dustcap to suit MP-4164 type. 13 pins MP-25042-13S
19 pins MP-25042-19S
25 pins MP-25042-25S
37 pins MP-25042-37S
54 pins MP-25042-54S
85 pins MP-25042-85S
150 pins MP-25042-150S
Receptacle protective dust cap to suit MP-4106 types. 13 pins MP-25042-13L
19 pins MP-25042-19L
25 pins MP-25042-25L
37 pins MP-25042-37L
54 pins MP-25042-54L
85 pins MP-25042-85L
150 pins MP-25042-150L

About Amphenol

Amphenol Australia’s head office is based in Melbourne, Victoria, and is the Sales, Marketing, and Engineering center of excellence for an extensive range of professional connector and cabling products. Amphenol’s global presence allows us to take full advantage of our numerous corporate resources and product portfolio to provide you with a vast offering and choice. Our extensive range is designed to meet the specific needs of the entertainment markets to make the selection of your interconnect partner an easy choice.

The company has been producing products for the pro-audio industry for over fifty years. Since the development of our XLR AC Series connectors, Amphenol has continued to provide our customers with exacting quality in an increasingly competitive environment. Continuous improvement through ISO9001, a focus on environmental awareness, and the development of next-generation industry-leading products are our philosophies. As the entertainment industry moves into the future emerging technologies from other industries have become more prevalent and more challenging.

Amphenol Australia’s global presence combined with its close technical relationships with other Amphenol sister divisions, each a specialist and leader in their own interconnect field, places it well to support innovation and meet this challenge head-on. The ability of Amphenol to provide a full range of design services required to support the customer’s applications design and modeling, applications engineering, fabrication, value-added assembly, and testing, coupled with the largest interconnect offering on the market means that Amphenol can support all of your system-level needs.

Download Catalog: Amphenol Connector Catalog


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