Hydac Air Cooler Industry AC-MS Modular Systems

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The  Hydac Air Cooler AC-MS is specifically designed to meet the needs of electric power generation applications, such as Diesel or gas generators, gas turbines, cogeneration units, gas compressors, and general applications in the oil and gas industry.


Due to the high level of efficiency achieved by our aluminum cooling elements made with “plate & bar” technology, the new AC-MS coolers are designed to allow the installation inside the standard and high cube ISO 20-40 ft container, for Diesel/gas engines, gas turbines and compressors with the highest power output.

The modular design of the coolers makes possible integration into several types of installations and offers the possibility to expand the cooling capacity of new and existing power plants.

The AC-MS coolers may be used for cooling the following fluids:

  •  Engine cooling circuits HT High-temperature circuit for jacket water
  • LT Low-temperature circuit for air-to-water charge cooler
  • Charge air for Diesel and
  • Gas turbo after-cooled engines ll Lubricating and transmission oil circuits
  • Diesel fuel
    Hydac Fan Air Cooler
    Hydac Fan Air Cooler

Application Field

  • Diesel and gas generators with a power output of up to 3,000 kVA and over
  • Gas turbines
  • Gas compressors
  • Combined heat and power applications (CHP)
  • Oil & gas industry
  • General industrial and fluid process cooling


  • Modularity: Expand your cooling capacity without limitation.
  • Compactness: The design is optimized for containerized application
  • High performance: Specific heat capacity up to 18 kW/K water-glycol application.
  • Efficiency: Low-noise coolers reduce energy consumption further by the use of low-speed fans.
  • Low cost of maintenance due to electric motor fan drives.


Depending on the specific needs of the application it is possible to choose the coolers
among these three configurations:

  • Low Noise Coolers
    • Fixed fan speed rotation
    • Variable-speed fan
    • Ultra-silent coolers for special applications
  • Compact Design
    •  High performance in a compact design
    • Side-by-side coolers
    • Stacked coolers
  • Heavy Duty Systems
    • Enhanced performance
    • Extreme ambient conditions

Hydac AC-MS Modular Systems Model

Hydac AC-MS Low Noise – High Efficiency

AC-MS Low noise cooler is a combination of highly efficient cooling elements and variable speed fan technology.
Fans’ performances are regulated by monitoring both the thermal load of the fluids and ambient temperature. Fan speed is tuned by means of the system’s integrated PID algorithm.

The reduced acoustic emissions of these coolers allow the installation of industrial equipment such as Diesel and gas generators, compressors, and any other industrial machines needing a cooler in residential areas, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, and schools.

Hydac AC-MS Compact Design

AC-MS compact coolers are the ideal choice for energy power applications that demand extremely high thermal capacity in limited space. The overall dimensions of the coolers are compatible with the height limits of standard or high cube 20/40 ft ISO containers.

With electric motors for fan drives with electric power up to 22 kW with 2 and 4 poles and an option for variable speed drive. The modular design allows vertical and horizontal airflow direction. The mounting position of the cooling system in both vertical and horizontal positions meets any specific installation requirement.

Hydac AC-MS Heavy Duty

Hydac AC-MS Heavy Duty systems are designed to match the highest level of performance and reliability. The radiator core is available with various core thicknesses, assembled in a structural steel frame suitable for outdoor installation. Those coolers integrate a bunded tank required for leakage and for safe maintenance operation.

AC-MS coolers are available in several standard models that may be configured with options such as acoustic louvers, hydraulic and electrical control boxes, air flow inlets,s and outlet conveyors. All the parts are easily accessible for cleaning, inspections, and testing procedures. Typical applications are those in the energy market segment as well as for gas turbine lubrication oil-bearing or general industrial applications.

  • Single module – open top
  • Modular system

AC-MS Installation Examples

  • AC-MS Compact – HT/LT Circuit 3,200 kVA Diesel engine
    – Emergency operation
  • AC-MS Compact – Modular table coolers
    Cooling systems for gas compressor power station Base load and standby units
  • AC-MS Low Noise
    • Variable speed fans – 800 kVA Diesel engine
    • Jacket water and charge air cooler engine circuits
  • AC-MS Heavy Duty
    • Cooling system for air compressor

AC-MS Options Available

  • Expansion / Filling tank
  • ISO flanged / Victaulic hydraulic connection
  • Fluid temperature and level sensors
  • Safety switches for electric motors maintenance
  • CPL version (Corrosion Protection Level)
  • ATEX version
  • Customized solutions
  • Fan systems for engine room temperature control with AC/DC motors and brushless option with PWM speed control

Download Datasheet: Hydac Air Cooler Industry AC-MS Modular Systems

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