Energoflow LF-2P2 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Energoflow LF-2P2

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The Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Energoflow LF-2P2 with clamp-on sensors is designed for use in field conditions for monitoring and measurement of the flow of liquids eg. water, petroleum, and petroleum products, industrial chemicals, solvents, etc. in filled pipelines. The set comes in a handy, easy to carry durable case and can be used for:
  • single-channel ( accuracy 1.5%) and twin-channel
    ( accuracy 0.5%….1% ) flow measurements on a single pipeline
  • real-time comparison or summation of flows in two adjacent pipelines (single channel mode per pipeline)
Thus the set is a boon for repair teams and field engineers. The built-in digital oscilloscope facility and inline calibration function make installation and commissioning very fast, simple, and easy.
The Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter can also be used as a full-fledged stand-alone liquid flow meter for in-site installations in remote places.

The complete set comprises of the following:

  1. Energoflow LF-2P2 – Electronic unit (twin channel) with LCD display and keyboard
  2. Electro-acoustic transducer
  3. Removable plates (for clamp-on installation)
  4. Power unit / Battery charger 5V, 1А
  5. Thickness gauge
  6. Water-resistant grease
  7. Accumulator charger
  8. Tapping hammer with a screwdriver
  9. Measuring roulette
  10. Standards strip for calibration of thickness gauge
  11. Connecting cables for transducers with connectors, 2 x 10 m
  12. Carrying case
  13. Accessories for installation on pipes (chains and clamps)

Ultrasonic gas flow meters ENERGOFLOW GF


Energoflow AG can provide flow metering solutions for the whole spectrum of applications required by the Gas sector.


Our flow meters can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions – we provide flow metering solution for very cold regions (ambient temperature -60 deg. C) as well as for hot locations (ambient temperature +70 deg. C). The Energoflow GF series of gas flow meters is designed to improve reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow in pipelines using the pulse-time method. These flow meters can be used for flow monitoring and measurement of air, natural gas, industrial gases, fuel gas etc. over a vast range of process conditions:

  • For flow speeds as low as 1 m/s and as high as 70 m/s;
  • For ambient temperatures as low as -65 C and as high as +70 deg. C;
  • In hazardous areas and hard to access locations;
  • When the pressure in the pipeline is as high as 160


The major advantages of the Energoflow GF series gas flow meters are:

  1. No obstruction to the flow and zero pressure loss;
  2. No moving parts and no mechanical wear or tear;
  3. Easy installation and simplicity of use;
  4. Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems;
  5. High accuracy, large turn-down ratio, reliable


Energoflow GF series flow meters can be accessed remotely via PC. Using special software, it is possible to display the following data as per customer’s choice:

  • Measurement results of direction and speed of flow, current flow rate, progressive total volume;
  • The waveform of the signal passing through the acoustic channel;
  • Configuration options and settings of the flow meter;
  • Clock readings and calendar;
  • Archive


We supply flow meters of various sizes, with different types of process connections, and for a wide range of ambient and process temperatures and pressure ratings.

Energoflow AG can provide the optimal solution to all your flow metering requirements – the wide range of our products covers all the feasible fluid flow situations. And if you have an unusual, out of the way case – just contact us with the details! We love challenges and our team of Engineers will be just too happy to provide the exact flow meter corresponding to your requirements.

The flow meters can be spool type or hot tapped type, depending on the application.


Parameters Value
Pipe inner diameter, mm 70-3200
Accuracy of flow measurement, % ±1,0%, ±1,5%
Range of flow velocity measurement, m/s 0,1-10
Range of operating temperatures for the sensors, °C -20…+45
Range of operating temperatures for the electronics unit, °C +5…+45
The relative error of flow rate and volume measurement, mm ±0,2
Supply voltage, V 220VAC or 6,5VDC
Max required power, W 10

Download Catalog: ultrasonic liquid flowmeter

Ref: energoflow.co

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