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Four-channel Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Energoflow GFE-404 is MID certified, ATEX  specially designed for applications where very high accuracy is required, e.g. for custody transfer measurement of natural gas. The standard version provides an accuracy of 0.5%, flow meters with an accuracy of 0.2% can be supplied under the order. Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Energoflow GFE-404 certified to OIML R137 class 0.5 by PTB.

The flow meters provide accurate and reliable measurement of the gas flow rate in the pipeline in both directions within the range from 0.15 to 40 m/s. The flow meters are available in a wide range of sizes.  The flow meters are pre-calibrated on-air as per customer’s requirements, pre-calibration on natural gas is provided under special order.

Energoflow GFE-404 C can be accessed remotely via PC. Using special software, it is possible to display the following data as per the customer’s choice:

  • Measurement results of direction and speed of gas flow, current flow, accumulated total volume;
  • The waveform of the signal passing through the acoustic channel;
  • Configuration options and settings of the flow meter;
  • Clock readings and calendar;
  • Archive data.

Application purposes

The meter is designed for measurement (under operating conditions) of volumetric flow rate and cumulative volume of natural with density ranging from 0.67 to 1 kg/m3 and other gases with density not less than 0.4 kg/m3, when they are transported through circular pipelines in the forward and reverse directions.

The meters can be used for gas metering in industrial and public utility companies, including for custody transfer purpose.

The gas meters are calibrated on air. Under the Customer requirement, calibration on natural gas may be performed.

The meters are designed for continuous work mode and require very little maintenance. The meters can be incorporated into instrumentation systems, automated process control system (APCS), etc. The meters can be installed in explosive environments and other directive documents regulating application of electrical equipment in explosive environments.

The meter components have input/output intrinsically safe circuits of “ib” level and are marked as explosion-proof

PCU-6.5 – II (2)G [Ex ib Gb] IIB EU     – II 2G    Ex ib IIB T4 EAT   – II 2G    Ex ib IIB T4

Functionality of the meters:

  • measurement of volumetric gas flow rate;
  • measurement of gas volume by cumulative sum separately for the forward and reverse direction;
  • display of values of the current gas flow rate and of the cumulative volume on the indicator (if LCD and EU are available);
  • formation of pulse signals for measurement systems, correctors, flow computers and data acquisition systems;
  • archiving values of cumulative volume in the non-volatile memory;
  • automatic control of emergencies and failures, as well as recording their types and duration into relevant logs;
  • protection of the archive data and setup parameters against unauthorized access;

Technical Parameters

Depending on the gas flow rate measurement range, the meters have the following nominal sizes: G1600, G2500, G4000, G6500, G10000.

The meters provide measurement of volumetric flow rate and gas volume with a standardized error in the range of volumetric flow rates indicated in Table 1, which correspond to a gas flow rate from 0.15 to 40.0 m / s.

The meters provide a measurement of the volumetric flow and volume of the gas that has passed through the pipeline in the forward direction.

On request, meters providing measurement of the volume flow and volume of gas that has passed through the pipeline in both forward and reverse directions can be produced. In this case, the accumulation of the total volume of gas is carried out separately in two directions of the gas flow.

Basic relative error of the meters for gas volume measurement is specified in the two operating ranges: from the minimal Qmin to the transitional Qt, and from the transitional Qt (including) to the maximal Qmax (including).


Flow velocity, m/s Inner Diameter (DN), mm No. of Measurement Channels Maximum pressure, MPa Accuracy, %
0.15 to 40 150; 200; 250;
300; 400;
4 1.6; 6.3; 10.0; 16.0 ±0.5 (0.2)


Actual flow rate
[m 3 /h]
Actual flow rate
[ft 3 /h]
Max. Velocity*
Qmin Qt Qmax 1 Qmin Qmax 1 [m/sec] [ft/sec]
100 4.0 33 1000
150 10 80 2500 353 88 286 50 164
200 17 125 4000 600 141 258 45 148
250 26 200 6500 918 229 545 40 131
300 40 325 10000 1412 353 146 33 108
400 67 500 16000 2366 565 034 33 108


Ref: Energoflow.com

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