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A Ryung Lubricant Pump

A Ryung Pump

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Since our establishment in 1976 as a professional manufacturer of pumps in Korea, we have been making pumps with all our efforts and producing with the utmost confidence. We have been exporting to over 20 countries in the world and are in the best position of the same industry. However, we are not satisfied with this, we are doing our best to make a leap forward and to be a perfect company for quality improvement and follow-up management. We will do our utmost to become the world’s leading pump manufacturer that will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities with the utmost priority in customer satisfaction.

A-RYUNG recognized in the world

At present, we have been exporting to the world’s leading countries, have obtained international certification mark (CE, CSA, etc.) and have been recognized for our technology from all over the world. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers through quality control with the prescribed procedure by obtaining ISO-9001.

A Ryung Product Pump

Coolant Pumps

Product Feature

Half-permanent life
– Motor part: This type is completely closed 3 phases motor and designed special cutting oil usage. The frame is made aluminum material, so it can easily dispersed the motor heat. The motor is used for half permanent because of no overload to the motor.
– Pump part: The abrasion& erosion can be protected by designing mechanical superiority, also there is no noise and vibration.

High speed mechanical seal
– The endurance is increased by using mechanical seal for high speed usage to apply to the self immersion pump.

Marking high and low limitation of liquid
– Immersion type ACP-F, HF is marked high &low line of the filling oil on the pump body.

Rotating direction& checking window attached;
– Side of motor, it has a mark to rotate direction of motor with the sticker or direction window.

Efficiency of Motor
– All motors with 750W or higher are Premium Efficiency certified.

Appropriate Viscosity
– Make sure to check for appropriate values of viscosity, based on oil temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, when using fluids with viscosity.

How to calculate head loss by pipe connections

– It is very difficult and complicate to figure out the friction loss in pipe, but the friction loss is so serious that the loss have to be absolutely considered.
– When you select a pump, we have to add the total loss head(referring curve)and actual head by the curve, and then find out the actual discharge volume by the crossing point of performance curve. But the value of discharge volume is different from the oil degree, viscosity, temperature, roughness inside pipe, pipe shape and valve items. The Buttom side graph is adjusted theoretical value considering practical value.

Comparative by type of coolant pump

DivisionSelf-primingImmersionMulti-stage Immersion
Main usageCutting, CoolingCutting, CoolingHigh speed Cutting, Cooling, High speed drilling
Suction methodNeed oil priming because it is self-priming type.Need not oil priming because the pump part is in the tank.Need not oil priming because the pump part is in the tank.
InstallationIt can be installed the tank separately and easy to select the   location of the pump installation.Installed on the top of tank and it is so compact that it is   proper to fit small areaInstalled on the top of tank and it is so compact that it is   proper to fit small area.
PipingNeed the piping both inlet and outlet. Be careful to be mixed   the air in inlet side.The pump part is immersed and no need of input pipe. The pump   body keeps the low oil limitation level to protect air mixture.No need inlet pipe because the pump part immerses. It is   possible to lengthen inlet pipe. The oil should be filled at least to the 1st   impeller of the bottom casing stage.
Mechanical sealNo need inlet pipe because the pump part immerses. It is   possible to lengthen inlet pipe. The oil should be filled at least to the 1st   impeller of the bottom casing stage.As the mechanical seal is not installed, there is no harm with   idling pump and no trouble with mixing micro dust in tank.Should be avoid pump idling because the mechanical seal is   used. The input filter installed if the tank is filled with much micro dust.
CharacteristicsThe motor and pump is closed, the oil temperature can be   affected by motor operation.The motor and pump is separated, the oil temperature is not   affected by motor.The motor and pump is separated, the oil temperature is not   affected by motor.

Oil Lubrication Pumps

Resistive oil supply system

  • The resistive system have two types of measuring system pump. This system is to lubricate every point by controlling port of distributor or resistance of flow unit with proportion or adjusting much or less of the oil.
  • The discharge volume of each outlet is proportional and distributes each point through the installing distributor.
  • The flow unit (Code No. 03 ~ 4) have two types of AJB type combined distributor and ASA type attached every lubricating ports. The code number increasing on the fittings increases the discharge volume two times

Description of Main Function

  • Built-in Float Switch
    The Contact Point indicates ON when the oil surface is lower than the lowest limit line by perceiving the drop of oil surface of Reservoir.
    Maximum Use Voltage: AC 250V / DC 200V
    Capacity of Contact Point: AC 0.33A / DC 0.5A
  • Built-in Pressure Switch
    The Contact Point indicates ON when pressure reached the certain pressure by perceiving the pressure of Pump. This device perceives whether Pump operates normally or oil- leakage occurs in Pipe.
    Applicable Pressure:
    Maximum Use Voltage:
    AC 250V /DC 32V
    Under 1.75A
  • Setting of Operation Time
    This Pump must not be operated continuously. In case much heat is generated in Motor by long-time operation, Motor is set to stop by bimetal which is equipped inside Motor, and it operates normally when the heat cools down again. Please set sufficient interval time for the most suitable operation.
  • Relief Valve
    Adjusting the Pressure of Pump
    Adjustment Range:
    0.2 MPa ~ 2.0 MPa
  • Feed Button Switch
    It is used when oil is supplied manually. Pump operates when Feed Button Switch is pressed regardless of setting time. When Pipe is set and initiative Pump is operated, the Feed Button Switch must be pressed necessarily so that oil can be filled inside the Pump and Air is completely eliminated. Then connect to Distributor.

T-Rotor Pumps

Trochoid means a plane locus of point macle by rolling contracting movement on an extension of the radius of a circle, while the circle is rolled along the fixed straight line. The plane locus comes out in two different trails, one is called Epitrocho moving the gear outside trail, the other is Hypo-trocho moving the gear inside trail

Operation Principle of pump

  • T-Rotor pump is as internal gear pump in which a couple of rotors inner rolling movement along the trochoid curves forming a space from where a charging and discharging forces are produced.
  • outer rotor makes rotating movement with inner rotor that has less gear than itself by one tooth and they are pivoted together so that rotate about the same axis. Above picture shows rotor movement.

Characteristics of pump

  • This pump has high suction pressure and excellent mechanical efficiency.
  • The pump has simple structure, though small size, easy dismantle and assembly for overhaul and has greater discharge volume per one stroke than gear pump of the same size, also has long life.
  • This needs not crescent shaped spacer like pump and it is applied lubrication, oil transfer, and hydraulic system

Check Point of Usage

  • Pump location
    The pump should be installed at good air flowing, low temperature and the least moist.and located higher than the using tank.
  • Discharge volume, viscosity rotation frequency.
    The discharge volume follows rotation frequency. standard frequency;1000-1800rpm. The proper viscosity is 20-1000cSt(40’C). Be careful to select oil grade because the viscosity can be changed by temperature, even the same oil grade.
  • Inlet pipe
    The inlet pipe should be completely sealed not to contain the air when installing. Avoid to use the elbow, valve and cock as possible. The inlet pipe should be used larger and shorter pipe flowing the fluid speed under 1.5m/sec when sucking.
  • Inlet filter
    The filter should be fitted over 100mesh and sucking pressure below 0-0.15 The filtering area becomes over two times than the pump discharge volume.
  • Outlet pipe
    The flowing speed of outlet pipe should be below 3m/sec. If the pipe diameter is small and flowing speed is fast, the pump have overload and not only decreases volume but also causes higher oil temperature.
  • Oil tank
    The oil tank capacity must install over 3 times about minute’s discharge volume, and attach level switch.
    If the tank size is too small, it causes high oil temperature and faulty suction.
    The distance of suction filter and drain pipe should be far as possible, and fit over 2 units of filtering plate to protect chips in the tank.
  • Measure of flowing speed
    suction speed; below 1.5m/sec. discharging speed; below 3m/sec.
    V= 4Q /
    V : flowing speed(m/sec)
    Q : Discharge volume( /sec)
    d : Inner diameter of pipe(m)

Grease Pumps

Supply Method

The lubricating systems of this pump have two types as Single line and Dual line type, so it should be used different pumps and distributors according to machine features,

A Ryung Lubricant Pump
               A Ryung Lubricant Pump
A Ryung Lubricant Pump
A Ryung Lubricant Pump

If the grease is used with mixing different grease, the grease is stained and changed the quality of using grease by the chemical reaction,

The pump dosen’ t work when the grease contains the air or different particles,

Don’t open absolutely the tank cap to fill the grease, It causes the discharge failure by containing air,

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