Werma - Heavy-Duty-Beacon

Your benefits

The heavy-duty beacons have the advantage of a robust and seawater-resistant aluminium housing unit in conjunction with a shock-resistant wire guard. These products are therefore especially suitable for use in harsh  environments, locations exposed to seawater, or situations where excellent shock resistance is required.

  • Maintenance-free operation permits use in locations where access is difficult
  • Optimum protection, against even severe mechanical strain or exposure to seawater


  • Special screwed cable gland for equalising the pressure in the housing with the environmental pressure
  • IP66 / 67 for use in harsh conditions


Signalling faults and relaying alarms

  • In outdoor and indoor areas under extreme conditions
  • For maritime applications on ships or in harbour areas

Installation options

  • Base mounting
  • Bracket mounting


Dimension ( dia x Height) : 153 x 189 mm

Housing                            : Black coated aluminium with

integral wire guard

Lens                                   : PC, transparent

Fixing                                 : Base mounting,

Bracket mounting (accessory)

Connection                        : Screw terminal 0.5 – 1.5 mm2

Cable entry                        : Cable gland M20x1.5 mm

(included in assembly)

Cable diameter 6 – 13 mm

Life duration                       : up to 50.000 hours

Voltage                               : 12 – 50 V DC

Current consumption         : 500 – 100 mA