Tokyo Ryuki Kogyo LF Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Extremely wide flow rate measurement range Zero pressure loss.


Clamp-on type that can be easily attached to existing pipes for flow control of liquids such as industrial water, clean water, seawater, pure water, agricultural water, oil, etc. Extremely wide flow rate measurement range Zero pressure loss.


Ryuki Kogyo

Tokyo Ryuki Kogyo

Tokyo Ryuki Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial flow meters and fluid-related equipment. For many years, we manufacture and sell products such as differential pressure type flow meter, area type flow meter, flow switch, metal tube type flow meter, galvanometer, level meter, and measuring pot.


  • Clamp-on type that can be easily attached to existing pipes for flow control
  • Extremely wide flow rate measurement range Zero pressure loss.


  • Industrial water
  • Clean water
  • Seawater
  • Pure water
  • Agricultural water
  • Oil
  • etc.


Fluid conditionsMeasuring fluidWater, seawater, oil, and other liquids through which ultrasonic waves pass
Turbidity10000ppm or less
temperature-20-60 ℃
situationThe inside of the pipe is filled with liquid. There
is no drift or swirling flow. There is no
continuous air bubbles or dust.
Piping conditionsNominal diameter50mm-6000mm
MaterialSteel, stainless steel, cast iron, vinyl chloride, FRP, etc.
LiningTar evoxi, mortar, etc.
Required straight pipe lengthUpstream side 10D, downstream side 5D or more (D: pipe inner diameter)
Measurement methodUltrasonic propagation time difference calculation method
displayLCD (240 x 128 dots, with backlight)
Display contentInstantaneous flow rate, instantaneous flow velocity, integrated flow rate (forward / reverse), etc.
self-diagnosisDetects upper and lower limit alarms, wave reception abnormalities, power supply abnormalities, memory abnormalities, and range over
Number of survey lines1 survey line, 2 survey lines, 4 survey lines (optional)
Measurement accuracy± 1% RD (range from 0.8m / s to 30m / s)
± 0.8cm / s (range from 0m / s to 0.8m / s)
Dumping0-120 seconds (1 second step)
Flow rangerange of measurement0 to ± 30 m / s in terms of flow velocity
Flow unitSelect from m3, L, ton, kg
Time unitSelect from h, min, sec
Number of rangesUp to 2 ranges each for forward and backward flow
Range switchingSelect from automatic and remote
Current outputNumber of output points2 points
Output signalDC4-20mA
Load resistance1 kΩ or less
Contact outputNumber of output points6 points
Output signalOpen collector no voltage
Contact ratingDC30V, 0.25A
Output contentsForward flow, backflow integrated pulse, self-diagnosis
Integrated outputpulse widthArbitrary setting from 1 to 200 msec
Accumulation unitSelect from m3, L, ton, kg
Cumulative multiplierOptional selection from 0.01 to 1000
Digital outputCommunication methodRS232C, RS422
Output contentsInstantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate, etc.
Output intervalSelect from 0.1 seconds, 0.5 seconds, 1 second
transfer speed192000bps
Ambient temperature-10-60 ℃
Humidity90% RH or less
Lightning protection elementBuilt-in in each input / output line of power supply and signal
Power supplyAC100V, 115V, 220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
power consumption15VA or less
structureImmersion-proof type (equivalent to IP67)
MaterialAluminum alloy casting (AC4C)
weightAbout 8.5kg
Installation conditionsNo direct sunlight, no
high-temperature range heat, no
corrosive gas or explosive gas
ModelLFT-10For large diameter (300 mm or more)
LFT-20For small diameter (less than 300 mm)
Mounting methodV or Z
cable5m (5C-2T equivalent coaxial cable)
MaterialSCS13, acrylic
Ambient temperature-20-80 ℃
structureImmersion-proof type (equivalent to IP67)

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