Nanaboshi NJW-244-PF15 Circular Connector

The NJW Nanaboshi connector has a fairly good character and is very suitable for those who require a connector with water proof properties and can withstand up to 40 kPa water pressure.


・Waterproof connectors based on NJC Series.

・As with NJC Series, a wide variety of types available.

・Proven performance in outdoor installations such as surveillance cameras, construction machines and outdoor measuring equipment.



NANABOSHI CO., LTD. installs and maintains industrial plant facilities. The Company constructs boilers, turbines, and environmental equipment in thermal power plants. Nanaboshi also installs power generation, fire fighting, and air-conditioning facilities in steel, chemical, and petroleum plants. Additionally, the Company builds sewage facilities and incinerators.


RoHSRoHS Directive compliant
WaterproofWaterproof connector【 Waterproof function equivalent to IP-67 when coupled 】
Lock methodThread lock
Features of mechanism/


○ Die cast shell with zinc alloy or aluminum alloy.
○ Smooth coupling thanks to employment of 5-key system guide.
○ Installation in a small space enabled by use of the L za.
Standards○ UL・CSA standard certified connectors available. (UL : UL1977 CSA : C22.2 No.182.3 )
Note: The specifications of saftey standard certified products are slightly different from those of standard products. For the rated voltage, current and

cable conductor cross sectional area, refer to A List of Standards Acquired ( p.128 ).

Cable terminationSoldering


Safety :
Connectors provide reliable electrical connection.
Connectors ensure proper wiring.

Operability :
Connectors are repetitively detachable and attachable.
Connectors make equipment-to-equipment connection easy.

Economy :

Connectors enable the unitization of devices.
Connectors facilitate maintenance and inspection.
Connectors shorten work time.


NJW: Series designation
24: Shell size
4: Number of contacts
P: Shell shape
F: Contact shape < Pin ( male ) contact:M, Socket( female )contact:F >
1: K type symbol ( K ) 《 Required only for products with settings 》
5: Guide position change symbol ( X , Y , Z ) 《 Required only when changing the guide position 》
⑧ Symbol indicating cable packing size. 《 Plug & adapter require symbol to be specified. 》
⑨ Safety standard specification ( < UL ・ CSA > )

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