Nanaboshi NCS-254-RF Circular Connector

Standard-model metal connector able to be used with a variety of circuits. The NCS series is compatible with a wide range of uses.


・Connectors designed in accordance with JIS C 5432.

・A large selection of products with a large number of derivatives added.

・A variety of products certified by safety standards having proven performance in a wide range of applications including semiconductor equipment and various measuring instruments.


RoHS RoHS Directive compliant
Waterproof Non
Lock method Thread lock
Features of mechanism/ 


○ Simple structure, easy handling and robust.
○ Ten shell sizes and many connector shapes available for a wide variety of applications.
Standards ○ < CSA NRTL/C > standard certified connectors available. (CSA : C22.2 No.182.3 UL : 1977 )
Note: The specifications of safety standard certified connectors are slightly different from those of standard products. For the rated voltage, current and 

cable conductor cross sectional area, refer to A List of Standards Acquired ( p.129 ).

Cable termination Soldering


Safety :
Connectors provide reliable electrical connection.
Connectors ensure proper wiring.

Operability :
Connectors are repetitively detachable and attachable.
Connectors make equipment-to-equipment connection easy.

Economy :

Connectors enable the unitization of devices.
Connectors facilitate maintenance and inspection.
Connectors shorten work time.


Shape Inverted core
Operating Temperature Range (deg C) -40 – +120
Standard Electric Appliance Safety Law
Rating 10A 250V
Connector Shape Receptacle
Material (Contact)/Processing Copper alloy/nickel plating
Material (Insulator) Epoxy resin
Compatible Cable Outside Diameter (phi mm) 9.5 – 11.5
Conductor Cross-Section Area (mm2) 2
Insulation Resistance (Mohm) 2000
Contact Resistance (mohm) Under 3
Material (shell)/ Processing Zinc alloy or brass/chrome plated
Shell Size 25
Wire Connector Method Soldering
Contact Number 4
Critical Operating Voltage (V) 400
Contact Shape Female (socket)
Withstand Voltage 2000V