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Energoflow AG Metering Complexes for Custody Transfer a high accuracy two-channel ultrasonic gas flow meter GF202 with straight meter runs and flow conditioner,  Flow computer for volume correction as per customer’s requirements, absolute pressure sensor/transmitter (accuracy not worse than 0,075%), temperature sensor Pt100/temperature transmitter, Cabinet mounted uninterrupted power supply with a communication interface for installation in the non-hazardous zone.

The Flow Metering Complexes for Custody Transfer of Natural Gas can be used for reliable measurement of volumetric data of various gaseous media for custody transfer applications, for example:

  • natural gas;
  • fuel gases;
  • industrial gases
  • air.

Energoflow AG Features:

  • High overall accuracy – 0,75%, special version with overall accuracy 0,5% available on order
  • Ability to measure bidirectional flows
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure loss;
  • presence of the built-in calibrator, which makes possible in-situ metrological verification of the flow meter by imitation method.

Ultrasonic gas flow meters ENERGOFLOW GF

Energoflow AG can provide flow metering solutions for the whole spectrum of applications required by the Gas sector.

Our flow meters can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions – we provide flow metering solution for very cold regions (ambient temperature -60 deg. C) as well as for hot locations (ambient temperature +70 deg. C). The Energoflow GF series of gas flow meters is designed to improve reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow in pipelines using the pulse-time method. These flow meters can be used for flow monitoring and measurement of air, natural gas, industrial gases, fuel gas etc. over a vast range of process conditions:

  • For flow speeds as low as 1 m/s and as high as 70 m/s;
  • For ambient temperatures as low as -65 C and as high as +70 deg. C;
  • In hazardous areas and hard to access locations;
  • When the pressure in the pipeline is as high as 160


The major advantages of the Energoflow GF series gas flow meters are:

  1. No obstruction to the flow and zero pressure loss;
  2. No moving parts and no mechanical wear or tear;
  3. Easy installation and simplicity of use;
  4. Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems;
  5. High accuracy, large turn-down ratio, reliable


Energoflow GF series flow meters can be accessed remotely via PC. Using special software, it is possible to display the following data as per customer’s choice:

  • Measurement results of direction and speed of flow, current flow rate, progressive total volume;
  • The waveform of the signal passing through the acoustic channel;
  • Configuration options and settings of the flow meter;
  • Clock readings and calendar;
  • Archive


We supply flow meters of various sizes, with different types of process connections, and for a wide range of ambient and process temperatures and pressure ratings.

The flow meters can be spool type or hot tapped type, depending on the application.

Some Specific Applications

Volumetric flow measurement of impure gases for technical purposes

 Since there are no moving or protruding parts, the GF flow meters can easily handle gases with liquid droplets and suspended particles like soot. Generally flow meters GFE 211, GFE 212 with embedded sensors are recommended for such applications – the sensors can be taken out once in a while for cleaning without stopping the technical process.

Monitoring systems for pipelines, including applications where bidirectional or reverse flow may occur, eg., at pipeline junctions.

 In case of complex pipelines with more than one feeder, there are cases of reverse or bidirectional flow due to pressure topography. Monitoring such flow requires highly sensitive flow meters. The GFE 212 series flow meters are capable of recording flow velocities as low as 0.1 m/s which makes them ideal for such applications.

  • Accuracy better than 1%;
  • Pipeline diameter 50 mm upto 400 mm;
  • Range not less than 1:160;
  • Working pressure from 1 to 100

For measuring gas flow in flares at compressor stations where the flow velocities can be in the range of 0.1 m/s upto 70 m/s.


We can provide specially designed low cost flow meters GFE 201 with very wide range ability (1:160) which can accurately and reliably measure flow velocities from 0.1 m/s upto 70 m/s. The fast reaction of the electronics unit paired with this huge range ability provides the best solution to flare gas measurement.


High pressure applications


GFE 202H and GFE 202O flow meters are used for technical accounting of Gas in high pressure applications like underground storage and well measurements. These are available for pressures upto 160 bar and can operate with contaminated gas.

Under order, versions for pressures as high as 250 bar are available. They can also provide for bidirectional flow measurement and thus are suitable for process automation applications.

  • Accuracy better than 1,5%;
  • Pipeline diameter 50 mm upto 400 mm;
  • Rangeability not less than 1:160;

Custody transfer applications

Our flow meters are used for custody transfer of natural gas and other industrial gases. GFE 202 Spool type flow meters are generally used for measuring gas for commercial purposes. In case if very high accuracy is required, the GFE 404 is the ideal choice. We can always provide a flow meter which exactly suits your requirements.

 Technical Characteristics

Parameter Value
Diameter, mm 35 – 3500
Working environments air, natural gas
Quantity of beams 2
Minimal speed, m/s 0,1
Maximal speed ,m/s 35
Accuracy class, % From ± 0,5 up to ± 2
Maximal pressure, MPa 1,6
Maximal temperature °C 150
Temperature °C – 25… +60
Power AC 220V, 50 Hz,
DC 24 V, 10 W


Ref: Energoflow.com

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