Werma – Mini Installation Beacons

Your Benefits :

WERMA’s mini installation and base-mounting beacons are perfect for use on machinery, and control panels. The colours can be set quite simply by means of binary inputs.

  • Up to fi ve different colours with just one light
  • Low lens, where space is restricted
  • Raised lens for best visibility also from the sidee


  • Bit-encoded actuation allows the three basic colours green, yellow and red to be displayed using just two PLC outputs. With a third output, white and blue can also be activated.
  • With Spec. V 3.0, the special AS interface version is suitable for addressing (A/B mode) up to 62 modules – without an external power supply


Signalling faults and statuses

  • On control consoles of machinery
  • In machine housings
  • On control panels
  • On small machines and equipment
  • In building technology

Installation option :

  • Base mounting
  • M22/PG29 single-hole mounting
  • Bracket mounting
  • Tube mounting


Dimensions (dia x Height) :

50 x 22 mm (Protrusion from panel)

50 x 32 mm (Protrusion from panel)

Housing : PC/ABS-Blend, black

Lens        : PC, transparent

Fixing     : Installation mounting for dia 22.5mm                                   (M22x1.5 mm)

Connection   : Screw terminal max 0.5 mm2

Push in max 1.5 mm2

Life duration : up to 50.000 hours

Voltage           : 24 V DC

Current consumption : max. 75 mA

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