Tadiran TRR Series Rapid Response Lithium Battery

Lithium thionyl Tadiran TL-7902 Special Battery. Especially recommended for high precision equipment. Recommended battery for wireless Electronics Line, Risk.


Tadiran Rapid Response (TRR) Series bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries feature high capacity and high energy density and the ability to deliver moderate to high pulses with virtually no voltage or power delay without the use of a hybrid layer capacitor, thus enabling power supplies to be smaller and lighter.

When a standard LiSOCl2 battery is first subjected to load, voltage can drop temporarily, and then return to its nominal value. TRR Series batteries virtually eliminate this voltage drop as well as voltage drop under pulse (or transient minimum voltage level). TRR Seies batteries also deliver moderate to high pulses without the need for a hybrid layer capacitor (HLC) or using fewer HLCs, thus enabling space-saving power supply solutions that possibly require fewer or smaller batteries.

TRR Series batteries also feature a low annual self-discharge rate for up to 20+ year operating life. These cells can use available capacity more efficiently, especially in extremely hot or cold temperatures (-55°C to 85°C) to extend battery operating life up to 15%.


Tadiran Batteries

Tadiran Batteries

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