Daiwa Dengyo SPS-22A or B Safety Plug

Safety devices installed on safety doors or machine tools to prevent accidents due to accidental power input.


Daiwa Dengyo Safety Plugs, have a shape like a connector but have a function as a safety. The workings of the electrical safety plug is to cut off the electric current. So, the machine or other equipment will stop working.

Electric safety connector, safety plug daiwa dengyo dengyo is widely used by manufacturers from Japan and Asia. However, nowadays it is also widely used by engine manufacturers around the world, because of its proven quality.

Electrical safety plug daiwa dengyo can also be said to have a function as a safety switch. Safety to prevent work accidents due to negligence or ignorant hands. By disconnecting the electric current by the safety plug, production or maintenance operators can be relaxed and safe in solving machine breakdowns.


Daiwa Dengyo

Daiwa Dengyo

Since its founding in 1955, Daiwa Electric Industry's electrical equipment has been highly trusted in various industrial fields such as machine tools.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our users for their kindness. What is required of Daiwa Denki as the industrial structure changes on a global scale in the future?

While challenging this theme, Daiwa Denki will continue to develop new products with the concept of improving user productivity and improving the working environment including safety