CS Instruments FA 550 - Dew Point Sensor in Robust Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

The FA 550 is ideally suited for outdoor dew point measurement and reliably determines dew points even under harsh industrial conditions.


The FA 550 is ideally suited for outdoor dew point measurement and reliably determines dew points even under harsh industrial conditions.


CS Instruments

CS Instruments

CS Instruments GmbH & Co. KG with locations in 24955 Harrislee and 78052 Villingen-Schwenningen/ Tannheim, is managed by Dipl. Eng. (FH) Wolfgang Blessing as sole Managing Director.

CS Instruments GmbH was established in the year 2002 by Christian Schuldt and Wolfgang Blessing as equal shareholders/Managing Directors.

Wolfgang Blessing already was sound a specialist on the sector of compressed air technology resp. industrial measurement technology long before the establishment of CS Instruments GmbH in the year 2002. Prior to the foundation of CS Instruments GmbH Dipl. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Blessing acted for more than 10 years as primarily responsible product manager for industrial measurement technology at a worldwide known manufacturer of measuring instruments for compressed air and gases in the Black Forest. The technical knowledge and experience matched with the long-term practical knowledge was the corner stone for the success of CS Instruments.


  • Robust, waterproof die-cast aluminum housing, IP 67
  • Alarm relay – limit value adjustable via buttons (max 60VDC, 0.5 A)
  • 4 … 20 mA analog output
  • Optional: 2 pieces 4 … 20 mA analog output e.g. for dew point and temperature
  • Extremely long-term stable
  • Fast adjustment time
  • Pressure resistant up to 500 bar (optional)
  • NEW: Modbus RTU interface
  • NEW: Ethernet interface (optional)
  • NEW: Higher resolution of the sensor signal due to improved evaluation electronics
  • NEW: Sensor diagnosis on-site with handheld device or CS Service Software
  • Readable via Modbus: pressure dew point [° Ctd.], temperature [° C], rel. humidity [% RH], abs. humidity [g / m3], degree of humidity [g / m3], moisture content V / V [ppmV / V], Partial vapor pressure [hPa], atmospheric dew point [° Ctd.atm]


  • Dew point measurement in compressed air systems after adsorption dryers, membran dryers or refrigeration dryer
  • Residual moisture measurement and dew point measurement in gases such as: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, natural gas, biogas…


  • Measuring range: -80…20 °Ctd, -60…30 °Ctd,
    -20…50 °Ctd, or
    0…100% RH
  • Accuracy: ± 1 °C at +50…-20 °Ctd
    ± 2 °C at -20…-50 °Ctd
    ± 3 °C at -50…-80 °Ctd
  • Pressure range: -1…50 bar,
    Special version up to
    350 bar or 500 bar
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (10…36 VDC)
  • Protection class: IP 67
  • EMC: In acc. with DIN EN 61326-1
  • Operating temperature:
    -20…50 °C
  • Outputs: Standard:
    Modbus-RTU, 4…20 mA
    active (not electrically
    alarm relay (max. 48 VDC,
    0.5 A)
    Options: See order code
  • Burden: < 500 Ω
  • Material: Die-cast aluminum housing,
    sensor tube stainless steel
  • Screw-in thread: G 1/2”, optional 5/8″ UNF

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