Air Motor dan air gearmotor

Air Motor dan Air Gearmotor

Pengenalan Air Motor Pneumatic Air motor adalah penggerak yang digunakan untuk memutar suatu benda baik itu conveyor, pompa, dan mixer. Yang sering dan banyak digunakan

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KN-V160 Oil Skimmers and Filtration Coolent Sparation System

KN-V160 Oil Skimmers

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KN-V160 Oil Skimmers‘ newly developed “Air type ultra-purification filtration machine” not only can easily remove chips but also can filter and purify oily and water-soluble cutting fluids to solve customer’s problems in this regard, so it is highly appreciated.

  • Liquid filter purification, easy removal.
  • Patented technology – easily correspond with liquid, water-soluble and Pure-oil Auto.
  •  Processing can easily recover swarf and sediment without stopping.
  •  The highest filtration accuracy can correspond to 5 nano.
  •  Solve the problem of long-term deposits on CNC water tanks such as iron chips, aluminum powder, fine sediment, etc.after machining.
  •  Widely used in metal cutting, aluminum machining, grinding process, engineering plastics, etc.
Result of KN-A50 Filtration Separation System
Result of KN-A50 Filtration Separation System

KN-V160 Oil Skimmers Feature

  • To solve the cutting of iron filings, aluminum powder, fine sediment…and other long-time deposition in the CNC water tank troubled.
  • Take the air pressure driveway, to avoid public security problems.
  • Widely used in metal cutting, aluminum processing, grinding problems, engineering plastics Patented technology-easy to deal with oily and water-soluble cutting fluid.
  • patented technology – special dehydration drying method, can clean CNC water tank.
  • processing liquid, sludge can also be a short time to cleat.
  • the maximum filter accuracy can to 1 um.


Model: KN-V160
No.Machine Size: 570X560X950 mm
Filter: 7 L
Weight: 60 Kg
Max Flow: 180 min
Air Pump min pressure: 0.5Mpa
Max Air: 0.4m³/min
Thickness Filter: 0.01um~25um
Filter: SUS 304

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