Burkert Type 6221 Piston Valve 2/2 Way Servo-assisted

Burkert Type 6221 Piston Valve 2/2 Way Servo-assisted

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The Burkert Type 6221 Pistonvalves are based on a modular concept comprising three basic elements: Valve assembly, push-over coil and standard cable plug.

Burkert Type 6221 Piston valve is specificly designed for general purpose applications with air. The design principle of this valve allows high pulsed operations in air pipe runs, where other general purpose valves cannot be used, as they start to vibrate quickly. So life-time of this valve could be substantially increased, compared to other solutions.

A minimal pressure differential of 1bar is required for complete opening.

To simplify ordering, a wide selection of standard combinations of valve body, push-over coil and standard cable plug can be ordered with one order number. Cable plug options of Type 2508 are available to suit special electrical application requirements. – The modular concept provides flexibility to meet application requirements.


  • Push-over solenoid system AC19
  • Compact design, up to DN 20
  • Body in brass



  • Compressed air also with higher pulse rates


  • Pneumatic systems
  • Compressed air circuits


  • High lifetime also under pulsed conditions
  • Solutions for rough air applications
  • High reliability
  • Compact design with high flow rates
  • Modular solenoid coil system different sizes and power ratings
  • Low noise
  • Easy coil change
  • Coil can be locked in 4x 90º positions, or move freely between, as required
  • Wide range of cable plug options Type 2508


Operating Data (Valve)

  • Pressure range : 1-10 bar
  • Port connection : G 3/8″ – G 1″
  • Fluid : Seal material NBR: Compressed air, pulsed air
  • Medium temperature : -10 … +90 °C
  • Max. ambient temperature : +55 °C
  • Response times :
    opening: 80-100 ms
    closing: 200-300 ms
  • Depends on orifice and fluid pressure
  • Installation : as required, but preferably with solenoid system upright

Operating Data (Actuator)

  • Operating voltages :
    AC: 24, 110, 230, V/50 Hz
    DC: 24 V/=
  • Voltages tolerance : ±10 %
  • Power Consumption
Operating status DN (mm)
10 13 20
AC: inrush 34 VA 36 VA 38 VA
AC: hold 14 VA/ 8 W 14 VA/ 8 W 14 VA/ 8 W
DC: inrush and hold 10 W 10 W 10 W
  • Duty cycle : 100% continuously rated
  • Cycling rate : up to 20 c.p.m.
  • Protection class with cable plug : IP 65
  • Electr. connection : Delivery standard: Cable plug DIN 43 650 A, 0-250 V (Other versions see accessories).

Download Datasheet: Burkert Type 6221 Piston Valve 2/2 Way Servo-assisted

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