Zenner Atmos IQ IC-Card Prepaid Diaphragm Gas Meter

The gas meters of the IGS series are credit gas meters and use an encrypted IC card as a data carrier.


IGS series are credit gas meters and use an encrypted IC card as a data carrier. Our IGS system is optimally adapted to the needs of gas supply companies. Using the IC-card, information such as gas flow, meter status or unusual operating conditions of the meter are read. This allows the operator to get relevant data from the customer without on-site reading.

The gas meter is suitable for various gas media. The integrated calibration system coordinates the movement of the valves in relation to the optimum gas flow. The excellent linearity of the error curve is guaranteed even at low flow rates. Due to the optimum rotating characteristics of the valves, the Qmin value remains stable and the gas meter is resistant to contamination.

The Atmos IC-Card prepaid diaphragm gas meter meets the requirements of the EN1359:1998/A1:2006 and OIML R137-1 (2012) standards.




ZENNER gas meters impress by the solid processing of high-quality materials combined with a large number of technical details. In the manufacturing process we purely use materials of the highest quality that meet the requirements for product lifetime, security and technical precision.

For example, the housing of our diaphragm gas meters are made of high quality steel or aluminum. The raw material of the essential parts are imported from Europe.

In addition we purely use tested component connections to guarantee that the meters are solid, safe and leakproof. The corrosion resistance is ensured by the use of galvanized steel and die-casting aluminum. In addition to meters are mainly used in residential, commercial and industrial settings.