Kofloc Flow Compo Compact Handy Mass Flow Control

This is a compact handy flow control/measuring unit made by combining a compact DIN72 x72 power indicator [CR-400] and MFC/MFM.


This is a compact handy flow control/measuring unit made by combining a compact DIN72 x72 power indicator [CR-400] and MFC/MFM.

In comparison with the conventional mechanical products, the mass flow measurement/control technology used in a mass flow meter and controller extracts electrical signals from the flow without significantly influencing the temperature or pressure, thus permitting sophisticated flow measurement and control. The technology is widely used for manufacturing semiconductors, liquid crystal, optical fibers and other electronic devices, gas supply for fuel cells, and fuel gas control for burners, foods, biotechnology, as well as for experimental facilities and production/inspection systems in many other industries.




The natural environment is preserved through the balance of solids, liquids and gases that exist on the earth. However, human civilization has caused pollution that has greatly damaged our environment. The task of the present generation is to restore our environment to its natural healthy state. And this is also the greatest challenge for 21st century science and technology.

KOFLOC's corporate motto is "A Scientific Approach for Fluids." In other words, we create products that scientifically measure and control the balance of liquids and gases. We trust that through our work we are making a contribution to the regeneration of the environment and to the establishment of a prosperous society.


  • Compact, lightweight integral unit
  • The touch panel type permits easy FS scaling, flow setting, and valve opening/closing.
  • Free selection of joints ranging from one-touch type to Swage-lock.
  • The MFC-equipped type (FCC Series) can be used as MFM by pressing the OPEN switch.
  • Please contact us for the metal seal specifications for corrosive gas.


Mounting MFC/MFM3660 (MFC)3200 (MFC)3760 (MFM)3100 (MFM)
Standard flow range
(at N2 calibration condition)
Sealing materialFKM (option CR or NBR)
ResponseWithin 2 sec. (F.S. ±2%)Within 1 sec. (F.S. ±2%)Within 2 sec.Within 1 sec.
JointVarious joints are applicable.

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