Honda HD500 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Honda HD500 is suitable for measures liquid or chemical surface level with no contact by ultrasound.


Honda Electronics

Honda Electronics

HONDA ELECTRONICS has brought innovations to the world by introducing ultrasonic technologies since the release of the world-first transistor fishfinder in 1956. With originality in mind, HONDA ELECTRONICS also respects technologies in various fields and participates in many collaborative projects. This “Open Technology” policy shall lead us to make further contributions that will enhance human life.


  • Hiring high frequency ultrasonic system enables small dead zone and is possible to measure short distance.
  • High resolution, 0.1 mm
  • Minimize the main unit and sensor unit, so easy to install to the limited area.
  • Sensor part is chemical proof plastic (PFA).
  • Equipped RS-232C interface, 4-20 mA current output, Alarm output allows to communicate with existing system.
  • Flow measurement by measuring catchment level is possible.

Sensing or positioning goods on production line
Liquid level sensing in small size tank


Model No. HD500-C HD500-D
Number of channels 1
Frequency 200 kHz 400 kHz
Measurement target Liquid
Measurement distance range 0.12 to 1.0 m 0.06 to 0.45 m
Resolution Measurement 0.1 mm
Display 0.1 mm
Accuracy ±0.25 % F.S.
±0.25 % F.S.
Data update cycle 0.05 seconds
Sensor directivity angle 10° (-6dB)
7° (-3dB)
5° (-6dB)
4° (-3dB)
Power source Voltage 12 to 24 V DC ±15%
Power consumption 3 W (500mA when started)
Display 4-digit LED
Output Alarm 2 points each for upper/lower
30V DC, 0.1 A (NPN open collector)
4-20mA current output Resolution:16bits
(Max. load resistance 450Ω)
Interface RS-232C(Transmission distance : Max.10m)
Model Main unit Sensor unit
Ambient operating temperature 0 to 50℃
Material ABS PFA
Cable: FEP
Capcon : PVDF
Capcon inner seal: PPE-V
Structure IP43 equivalent IP65 equivalent
113x52.5x94 dia 42x39
Sensor cable length 2 m
Max. sensor cable length 2 m
Weight 300 g 150 g
Screw M32 P1.0

●Only HD500-C is standard-equipped with the weir type flowmeter function.
The flow rate can also be measured for triangular weir.