Honda HD350 Ultrasonic Level Meter

The HD350 is a Compact, light weight level meter which include sensor and display in one unit. Graphical


The HD350 is a Compact, light weight level meter which include sensor and display in one unit. Graphical display shows real time wave form in A-mode and it is useful for maintenance. Mask function can avoid noise interference.


Measurement of liquid, powder level in a tank
Measurement of water levels in lakes, ponds or rivers


Honda Electronics

Honda Electronics

HONDA ELECTRONICS has brought innovations to the world by introducing ultrasonic technologies since the release of the world-first transistor fishfinder in 1956. With originality in mind, HONDA ELECTRONICS also respects technologies in various fields and participates in many collaborative projects. This “Open Technology” policy shall lead us to make further contributions that will enhance human life.


  • For screen mode can be selected
Honda HD350 Level Meter Feature
Honda HD350 Level Meter Feature
  • Large display is adopted for HD353-A (Display size : 50 x 25mm, 49% larger than HD350-A)
  • Mask function

Unnecessary signal can be eliminated from the received signal by manually.
Echo signal from existing structure positioned between sensor and target cause interference. Mask function removes these unnecessary echo effectively.

  • Interface
    Three interface methods are prepared for remote operation.

1) RS-485 (MODBUS protocol)
2) 4-20 mA current output
3) Contact points (relay output)


Model No. HD350-A HD353-A
Number of channels 1
Frequency 50kHz
Measurement target liquid / powder
Measurement distance range (1/2 for powder) 0.3 to 10m
Resolution Measurement 1mm
Display 1mm
Accuracy ±0.25%F.S.
Data update cycle 0.5 sec
Sensor directive angle (beam angle) 14°(-6dB) / 10°(-3dB)
Power source Voltage 12 – 24 VDC ±10%
Power consumption 3 W
Display Graphic LCD
Display size 28.1 x 9.1mm 50 x 25mm
Output Alarm output 1 point each for upper/lower
(NPN open collector)
4-20 mA current Resolution: 12 bits
(Max. load 500Ω)
Interface RS-485 (Transmitting distance : max. 1200m)
Ambient operating temperature -20 to 70℃
Material PP (polypropylene)
Protection IP65 equivalent (without lid: IP20 equivalent)
Dimensions dia. 93 x 110mm
Cable length 10m
Weight 350g
Mounting screw G2 (PF2)

●Option: 30m cable

* Do not use metal nut or metal flange. It may cause error on measurement.
* Please use nut or flange that made of plastic.