Flowmasonic WUF 620 CF Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow Masonic WUF 620 CF transit-time ultrasonic flow meter utilizes transit-time principle, including clamp-on and insertion.


Flowmasonic WUF 620 CF transit-time ultrasonic flow meter utilizes transit-time principle, including clamp-on and insertion. When install clamp-on transducer, without flow stop and pipe cutting, simple installation and convenient for online comparison. Different sizes of transducers can measure different sizes‟ pipe. Insertion installation effectively solves clap-on flow meter can not accurately measure with scaling pipe and non-conductive media. Insertion transducer has stop ball valve, without flow stop or pipe cut, easy to install.

User also can mount hoops on unweldable pipe surface. Optional thermal energy measuring function. Widely applied in processing monitoring, water balance test, district heating balance test, energy efficiency monitoring etc.




  • 4 Lines Display Velocity, Flow Rate, Volume And Meter Status
  • Clamp-on Mounted, Unnecessary Pipe Cutting Or Processing Interruption*
  • Built-in Data Storage Is Optional
  • Selecting Temperature Sensor PT1000 To Achieve Thermal Energy

Measurement Function

  • Suitable For DN20-DN6000 Flow Measurement By Selecting Different Size Transducers
  • Bi-directional Measurement, Flow Range From 0.01m/s To 12m/s



Measuring Principle Transit-time
Velocity 0.01 – 12 m/s, Bi-directional Measurement
Resolution 0.25mm/s
Repeatability 0.1%
Accuracy ±1.0% R
Response Time 0.5s
Sensitivity 0.003m/s
Damping 0-99s(settable by user )
Suitable Fluid Clean or tiny amounts of solids, air bubbles liquid , Turbidity<10000 ppm
Power Supply AC: 85-265V  DC:12- 36V/500mA
Installation Wall Mounted
Protection Class IP66
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +75℃
Enclosure Material Fiberglass
Display 4X8 Chinese Or 4X16 English,Backlit
Measuring Unit meter,ft,m³,liter,ft³,gallon,barrel etc.
Communication Output 4~20mA, OCT, Relay, RS485 (Modbus-RUT), Data Logger ,GPRS
Energy Unit Unit : GJ,Opt: KWh
Security Keypad Lockout, System Lockout
Size 244*196*114mm
Weight 2.4kg


Protection Class IP67
Fluid Temperature Std. transducer : -40℃~85℃(Max.120℃)
Pipe Size 20mm~6000mm
Transducer Size S     20mm~50mm
M    40mm~1000mm
L     1000mm~6000mm
Transducer Material Std. Aluminum alloy, High Temp.(PEEK)
Temperature Sensor PT1000
Cable Length Std. 10m (customized)

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