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Ascon Tecnologic control and automation

ASCON Tecnologic

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Ascon Tecnologic is an Italian company that develops, manufactures and commercializes a complete range of products for the control and automation of machinery and systems in the manufacturing and processing sectors as well as that of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

The group Ascon Tecnologic has more than 200 employees and, in its productive plants, realizes every year over a million of instruments.

Ascon Tecnologic control and automation
Ascon Tecnologic control and automation

Ascon Tecnologic Product

Industrial automation and Refrigeration

  • Geolocation and connectivity
  • Analogue controllers: Simple and reliable controller with one input and one output. PID or ON/OFF control.

TCPDE Analogue controller

  • Ideal for simple applications, it is economical and reliable.
  • This analogue controller, in 48×48 mm size, is available in different measurement scales: 0 … 100 ° C; 0 … 200 ° C; 0 … 250 ° C; 0… 350 ° C; 0 … 600 ° C; 0 … 1000 ° C; 0… 1200 ° C
  • It has 1 input for temperature probes: TC J or K or RTD Pt 100 and 1 relay or voltage output for SSR driving.
  • The power supply is 24 … 240 VAC.

Controllers and indicators

Experience and innovation are the basis of this range of instruments, capable of responding to any performance requirement.

From the “entry level” controller with the innovative “Sensitive-Touch” keyboard to the more sophisticated microprocessor controllers with PID algorithm, in different formats, standard and not.

Advanced single and muliloop controllers and programmers, multifunction and with built-in independent timer, in all formats.

  • KUBE series Controllers and programmers
  • TLK series Controllers
  • Gammauno series 2 Loop Controllers
  • Gammadue series Controllers and programmers
  • K series Controllers and programmers
  • Delta series DIN Rail 2 Loop Controllers
  • J series Indicators
  • R3 series Controllers
  • TCO series Oven Control
  • TLI series Universal Indicators
  • KV series Indicators
  • E series Low Cost Indicators
  • E5 series Mini Indicators
  • X series Alarm/Event Indicators
  • TVR series Remote Displays
  • TLCD series LCD
  • OX series Combustion Controllers

Pre-programmed systems

  • Flexible systems able to adapt to plants, through simple configuration and parameterization via touch screen.
  • BoilerPAC
  • BreweryPAC
  • ClimaPAC
  • DS43 – Dual speed
  • Compatible with all double speed mixers and able to replace the most common double timers on the market.
  • Intuitive use. The storage of tested recipes allows them to be reused in a timely manner: they can be recalled with a touch and without making mistakes.
  • Indications of: time left at the end of the mix, counting of the mixing cycles and product realization time.
  • Measurement of the temperature of the dough using a traditional or infrared probe.
  • Switch for turning on the light.
  • Possibility to customize the graphics to have a unique mixer!
  • PRO-series
  • SkidPAC

PAC systems

  • Operator panels
  • Unlimited reliability and lots of space for your data.
    Operator panels with LED backlit high resolution widescreen TFT bright displays and up to 128 MB of memory.
    Solutions for every space requirement!
    For each application where power and control must be separated from the HMI, we produce operator panels, both for front panel mounting and with custom dimensions.

    • OP Series Grapich Display
    • P Series Display LED
    • PM Series Low Cost

Timers, Counters, Power limiters

  • Multi-scale and multi-function
    Timers, pulse counters and microprocessor power limiters with single 4-digit display, equipped with double output and screw terminal block. Some models are available with a buffer battery for counting the time in the event of a power failure.
    New model with NFC programming is now available.

    • TCP series Timers, Counters and PowerLimiters
    • TT series Timers
    • TC series Pulse Counters
    • TP series Power Limiters
    • T series Timers
    • BWT series Timer Programmers
    • RCT-RTR series Analog Timers
    • TCS series Defrost Timers
  • Thermostats and controllers: Complete range of instruments for any application concerning both commercial and industrial refrigeration.
    • E series Low Cost Thermostats and Controllers
    • E5 series Mini Thermostats and Controllers
    • ET series NFC Controllers
    • Y series Controllers
    • Z series Thermostats and Controllers
    • W series Wall Thermostats and Controllers
    • X series Advanced Controllers an T + RH%
    • TLZ series Thermostats
    • TLY series Controllers
    • TLB series Beverage Controllers
    • B/P series Beverage Controllers and Panels
    • TLJ series Milk Tank Controllers
    • TLW series Long Case Controllers
    • TLS series Differential Controllers

Sensors and actuators

  • Sensors and transmitters
    • That of temperature sensors and transmitters is a universe rather than a world. A universe that can be insidious because the so-called “probe” is a fundamental variable for the correct functioning of the control loop.
    • The construction choices are almost infinite, as well as the sizing of the mechanical parts and the materials available for their realization. The difference between one supplier and another is represented not only in the obvious difference in quality, but also in the availability and ability to advise.
    • Therefore, the experience you can rely on is fundamental. Also in this case we put at your complete disposal half a century of work in the world of thermoregulation and in the manufacturing of any type of temperature sensor: call us for any doubt or advice you need.
    • In addition to temperature, the range of products also includes humidity and pressure sensors and all the accessories supplied. Special mention should be made for the new ATT1 programmable temperature transmitter with NFC technology, with 3 customizable linearizations and an incredibly competitive price.
    • Thermoelements TC, RTD, Thermistors and Cables
    • ZIS series Infrared Sensors
    • ATT/ZTT series Temperature Transmitters
    • TRH series T + RH Sensors
    • H series T + RH and Dew Point Sensors
    • ZH series T + RH Sensors
    • Pressure – PT/TP series Pressure Transducers
    • Pressure – TPR series Pressure Transducers
  • Solid state relays: Wide range of single phase zero crossing solid state relays.
    • SSR Solid state relay without heatsink
    • SSRD Solid state relay with heatsink and varistor
    • SSRF Static relays with fuse holder, fuse and varistor
  • Power controllers : Thyristor power controllers: single-phase (unipolar), three-phase through-phase (bipolar), three-phase (three-pole)
  • – Sizes from 16 to 2900 A
    – Communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, CANOpen, DeviceNet
    • TH-A Thyristor power controller up to 1450 kVA
    • TH-A+ Precise, digital SCR power controller that supports currents up to 280 A and voltages up to 500 V
  • With an optional display and increased measuring accuracy, the Thyro-A+ digital SCR power controller series offers comprehensive operating and control modes to save system costs for resistive and transformer loads in various applications.
  • Display or Thyro-Tool Pro software to easily visualize, commission or set parameters
    Increase performance control accuracy to maximize end process repeatability
    Easy fieldbus integration with optional BasicBus Module and available bus protocols
    • TH-PX High-performance power controller
    • TH-S Thyristor power logic units with microprocessor

Control valves

  • Electric and pneumatic flanged valves
    Electric threaded valves
    – Flow control
    – Mixing
    – Distribution
    – Steam desuperheating
    – Pump protection
    – Drainage
    – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Electric rotary actuators
  • The rotary actuators have been specifically designed to be used in civil and/or industrial combustion plants. They are particularly suitable for the control of modulating valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, shutters and other fluid control devices that require the control of an angular positioning within 90° or 180°.
    The unipolar electronic motor is of the bidirectional type, with high starting and holding torque with analogue control signal with voltage or current variation, or proportional potentiometric or for three-position control.
  • I/P converters
  • The EPC series converters transform the electrical input signal into a proportional pneumatic signal. The good linearity associated with a high air flow makes them suitable for use as interface elements between electronic controllers with continuous output and pneumatic valves.
    • Excellent sensitivity
    • Low self-consumption and minimal influence on power supply variations
    • High air flow
    • Easy and independent zero and span calibration
    • Robust construction
  • EPC30/20 DIN rail Mount Electropneumatic Actuator
    • Input 0…20mA/4…20mA
    • Input resistance: 200 Ω
    • Output: 0,2…1 bar, 3…15 psi
    • Air flow rate: 2,5 m3/h
    • Feature: linear, direct or inverse
      Precision: better than 0,5%
      Hysteresis: less than 0,3%
      Influence of supply air pressure: less than 0,3%/0,1 bar
      Temperature influence: at zero 0.5%/10°C; at full scale 0.5%/10°C
      Zero calibration: 3 psi ± 3%
      Span calibration: 15 psi ± 2%
      Power: 20±1,5 psi
      Air Consumption: 0,08 m3/h


  • Here are just some of the accessories that can be supplied with our instrumentation.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or need.

    • Adapters
    • Current transformers
    • Gaskets
    • Gateways and signal converters
    • Hole covers
    • Power adapters
    • Power transformers
    • Programming device
    • Programming key
    • Protection covers
    • Switches
    • Sockets

Data Acquisition

  • I/O modules
  • Data acquisition modules in Modbus RTU and CanOpen.
    Multiple types of digital and analog inputs.
  • Recorders
  • The historic collaboration with the Japanese giant YOKOGAWA has allowed us to build over time a solid reality that alongside our production also videographic, paper and hybrid recorders. Models are available with advanced functions such as mathematical packages, alarms, statistical data generation and all that may be necessary for data recording and acquisition.
  • Videographic and Hybrid Recorder
    • RC10000 Hybrid configurable recorder, 100 mm. Industrial recorder with advanced functions, 100 mm paper. Compact and ultra-reliable. intergated with 1, 2, 3 or 4 pens. With 6 point channels
    • RC18000 Industrial hybrid recorder with advanced functions, 180mm paper, Compact and ultra-reliable. With 1, 2, 3 or 4 pens and Up to 6, 12, 18, 24 point channels
    • RP200 :Up to 12 ch.
    • RVGX Touch screen recorder, 100 channels expandable with I/O modules. Paperless recorders that display data in real time on Touch screen and save data on SD card. Up to 100 channels expandable to another 100 (model RVGX10) or up to 450 channels (model RVGX20) with additional I / O modules.
      • NEW! Integrated AI function to predict the future.
      • A special “pen of the future” is able to draw a curve, predicting what will happen. By setting an alarm, you will be notified in advance about possible future events.
      • It supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11 and data integrity in compliance with ALCOA +.
    • RX200 :Up to 12 ch.
    • RZ10000 :6 ch.
  • Software

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